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Sheridan Fire District serves the communities of Sheridan, Ballston and Buell.   The Sheridan Fire Department was established in 1886 and served the small City of Sheridan, population 1,200.

In 1936 the department got its first motorized engine and, at the time, the volunteers were notified of cals by a bell on top of the old city hall.

In the 1970’s Sheridan Fire District was created expanding the surrounding rural areas including Ballston and Buell. In 1980 the district became an ambulance provider, one of three in the county at that time. EMTs at the time were just becoming common place in fire stations across the nation.

One of the first rescues was reffered to as the “bread wagon”, it looked exactly like an old bread truck. As time has passed the ambulances and rescues have come to look more like what you see today.

Sheridan Fire District currently covers 106 square miles and serves 5,500 residents. There are two substations and one main station. It is a mostly volunteer department with 43 volunteers, 6 interns, 3 shift paramedics, 2 two full time chiefs and an administrative assistant. Sheridan ran 1,199 calls in 2012 with about 84% being EMS calls.

For the daily burn advisory call 503-472-3344 For burn complaints call DEQ 1-888-997-7888

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